Neighbor of retired Pasquotank Navy veteran killed in explosion recalls horrific tragedy

Posted at 11:41 PM, Apr 08, 2018

Photo provided by Big Daddy’s Pizza in Elizabeth City. Oneyear was a frequent customer to the restaurant, and held an event of remembrance in his honor Sunday, April 8.

PASQUOTANK COUNTY, N.C. - A shared flag in between two homes now flies at half staff.

“When you mentioned his name, everybody knew him," says James Taylor.

James Taylor remembers 70-year-old T.C. Oneyear just one day after he witnessed his longtime friend and neighbor of 14 years die tragically in an explosion.

“He was preparing for his wife’s birthday party today and all of his kids were coming down. It was a terrible mishap. We’re assuming the garage filled with propane and when he opened up the door he was the ignition source when he had a candle in his hand,” says Taylor.

Now looking at charred belongings that once held so much life, Taylor says the explosion was something he’s never seen before and that it was so powerful he says he remembers the moment when he witnessed Oneyear flying back in his driveway from his backyard. He tells News 3 he rushed over with a fire extinguisher but it was too late.

“We fished together, played together, I repaired all of his stuff - his boats, his fishing rods. He was a great guy and a stellar guy for the community," says Taylor.

Taylor says T.C. Oneyear was a man of honor who he just feels blessed to have known.

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