USPS releases annual dog attack city rankings for 2017

Posted at 8:45 PM, Apr 08, 2018

BALTIMORE, M.D. – The United States Postal Service released its city rankings of dog attacks involving postal workers.

The list reflects the top 30 cities where the 6,244 dog attacks involving postal workers in 2017 happened, which had Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California and St. Louis, Missouri, ranked as its top three cities. The total number of attacks is 500 fewer then 2016.

“We’re encouraged by the decrease in dog attacks,” said U.S. Postal Service Safety Director Linda DeCarlo in San Diego, where postal employees suffered 46 attacks — the fifth ranked city in 2017. “The totals are still too high, but we’re confident that with continuing education and dog bite prevention training, along with advancing technology, we can keep more people safe and keep attacks trending downward.”

USPS is hoping that the recent lower numbers is because of new technology, such as its alert system that warns postal workers of potential dog attacks in the area.

“The scanners that our carriers use to confirm a customer’s delivery include a feature for them to indicate the presence of a dog at an individual address,” said DeCarlo. “This information is particularly helpful for substitute carriers who fill in for regular carriers on their days off.”

No cities from Virginia made the list, and Charlotte was the only city in North Carolina to be on it.

Charlotte apparently had 27 dog attacks involving postal workers in 2017, and had 33 in 2016.

To see a complete list of the rankings, click here.