‘Let’s pass out some Benjamins:’ Chicago restaurant gets nearly $2,000 tip from generous customer

Posted at 3:48 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 15:48:48-04

CHICAGO -- Employees at a Chicago restaurant got a nearly 500 percent tip from a diner who called them “true artists,” according to WGN.

Sous chefs Richard Graham and Brianna Meyers at Boka in Lincoln Park said that in their nearly 10 years in the restaurant business, they have never been party to a nearly $2,000 tip.

“There was no secret menu that got us that money,”  Graham said.

Instead, they said good food and great customer service added up to a generous tip for everyone on the staff.

“He addressed the whole kitchen and talked to us and basically gave, almost a motivational speech,” Meyers said. “And he ended, like ‘Now it’s time to hand out the Benjamins.’ or something like that and we just kind of laughed it off.  Then he really went around, shook everybody’s hand and handed them a hundred dollars.”

There were 17 people in all.

The staff said it’s rare to get such a huge compliment from a customer who called them "true artists."

“He tells us he’s dined all over the world, definitely a huge foodie,”  Graham said. “He said it’s one of the nicest overall experiences he’s ever had, front and back.”

The diner owns a construction company in Seattle and was in Chicago with family and friends for a concert.

WGN News tried reaching out to him on Monday but he was unfortunately not available.

The woman who answered the phone at his company said that sounds like something he would do and that he does it all the time.  She added the company was a nice place to work.