From tragedy to triumph: How a spinal cord injury victim helps others

Posted at 12:21 PM, Apr 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-21 12:21:33-04

New Orleans, LA (WGNO) -- When Nicole Marquez was 28, she moved to New York City to pursue her career as a professional dancer.

One fateful afternoon she returned home after her audition and found herself locked out of her 6th story apartment.

She decided to climb to the roof of her building and attempt to get in that way, but slipped and fell. She broke her neck and back, her chances for survival were slim to none.

“I was mad because I knew it was dumb and turned around to climb down and that’s the last thing I remembered,” said Nicole, who is now in her 30's and fully capable of walking and living a full life.

“It doesn’t upset me anymore, because this was just part of my journey. It was written in the great book of life for me and its just part of my story.”

Nicole now donates her time to help others with similar injuries, live full lives through the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana.