Police chase ended in a Chesapeake backyard, homeowner wants police to pay for the damages

Posted at 5:45 PM, Apr 21, 2018

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - "I was out of town in Ohio so when she called I was shocked," said LaDeana Ketter.

Daquan Farmer-Harrison

Ketter told News 3's Aleah Hordges that her mother was home when it sounded like a train was coming through just before noon on April 6.

"It was her birthday weekend and she arranged for a massage therapist to come over and give messages to her and her best friends," Ketter added. "They were set up in the back room where the incident occurred."

Although no one was hurt, the home wasn't so lucky.

Police said the pursuit started after they stopped a Honda Accord at a traffic light at the intersection of Camelot Boulevard and King Arthur Road.

The suspect, Daquan Farmer-Harrison drove off and lost control while making a left turn on Sir Meliot Drive, hopping the curb and grazing the side of Ketter's home. He then drove through Ketter's fence and crashed into the deck in the backyard.

While Farmer-Harrison, 24,  was arrested and charged with felony eluding , felony hit and run and driving while his license was revoked, the damages to Ketter's home still remains.

"We're not touching it. We shouldn't have to pay for that. We didn't damage it," said Ketter.

She added that the Chesapeake Police Department should pay for it.

"They could've hit some kids or anything because this is a very dangerous situation," Ketter continued. "They should've just left it well enough alone and got the guy later after getting a license plate. Chasing them through a residential neighborhood is crazy."

The Chesapeake Police Department did not comment to News 3 on whether they would help pay for the damages.

However, Ketter said she has homeowner's insurance and is going through the proper channels with police and the city in hopes of getting the repairs completed or compensated for.