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Virginia man wins $4 million after forgetting about lottery ticket

Posted at 10:42 PM, Apr 23, 2018

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A Virginia man is now a millionaire after scratching a Virginia Lottery ticket – one month after he bought it.

Jeff Kretzer bought a “$100 Million Cash Extravaganza” ticket in December of 2017.

The Chesterfield man put the ticket in his drawer and forgot about it. One month later, Kretzer happened to see the ticket in his drawer and decided to scratch it.

Initially, Kretzer thought he won $4,000.

“Oh, $4,000, this is going to be nice,” he remembered saying.

But he missed three more zeros.

In fact, the ticket was worth $4 million!

“I was stunned,” Kretzer said. “I really can’t describe the moment.”

Kretzer bought the ticket at MACS Retail, LLC, 7041 Commons Plaza in Chesterfield, which got a $10,000 bonus.

The $100 Million Cash Extravaganza game features prize ranging from $20 to $4 million, including a $1 million second prize and $100,000 third prize.

Kretzer is the third person to claim the top prize, which means one $4 million ticket is still out there.