California mother killed two young sons, then herself, police say

Posted at 10:18 AM, Apr 24, 2018

MODESTO, Calif. - 28-year-old Lisandra Corrales shot and killed her two sons, 6-year-old Pierre and 4-year-old Nathan Hurtado before shooting herself, police say.  Neighbors say they are shocked and never noticed any red flags.

"It’s so close to home. It’s very hurtful and scary at the same time," neighbor Arturo Arias told  KTXL.

Arias said Corrales and her boys had lived at the home for about four months.

"I always saw them content, the mother, the father, the first time I met them. The children I only saw them twice but the times that I did see them they looked happy," Arias told KTXL. "We didn’t notice anything strange about them. They were all content."

Arias says he didn’t hear any commotion Sunday morning around 1:15, when police report a family member arrived at the home and found Corrales and the boys dead.

"Unfortunately not," Arias said. "If I would have I probably would have been more curious as to what's going on and if they needed some help try to get some help for them or anything."

Flowers and candles sit at the front door of the home. Now a quiet neighborhood is left wondering what signs they might have missed from their new neighbors.

"We all have the same questions. Why? What happened? What could we have done to deter that?" Arias said. "More friendly gatherings, something, because it really hit home, especially with the two children. Devastating. Very disturbing and sad."

Family members were at the home Monday loading items into trucks. KTXL spoke with the boys’ father who did not want to speak on camera but he did say that he would want the boys to know that he misses them.