Don Carey tackles football and science with upcoming STEAM Day & football camp

Posted at 10:39 PM, Apr 25, 2018

NORFOLK, Va. – Don Carey made it to the highest level of football out of Norfolk State, and has held a job in the NFL for the past 10 seasons. The average league career only lasts about three to four years.

Jaguars defensive back Don Carey (NSU)

Backups are essential to fielding a competitive football team, but they’re also vital off the field. When the cleats are hung up, what’s next?

Carey, who signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason, is hoping to provide Hampton Roads kids with an audible for when their playing days are over.

On June 16th, Carey’s REECH Foundation will host a STEAM Day & youth football camp at NSU. The camp will put kids through football drills, but the second half will be inside, learning and interacting with local companies in the STEM industry.

“They’re going to be immersed with companies in the area, in the STEM sector, that can expand their horizons to opportunities they may not have known exist right here in Hampton Roads,” Carey told News 3. “I’m excited for 300 young men & women, ages six to 17, to enjoy this free event.”

The camp is free and open to youth ages 6-17. Registration opens on the REECH Foundation website May 1st.