Travel study reveals airplane seat kickers to be the most annoying

Posted at 8:04 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 08:04:29-04

A new travel etiquette study from Expedia is revealing more about travel behavior, including what people say are the most annoying things they experience while traveling.

Some of the highlights include:

Top ranked list of worst flight passengers:

  • The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber (51 percent)
  • The Aromatic Passenger (43 percent)
  • The Inattentive Parent (39 percent)
  • Personal Space Violators (34 percent)
  • Audio Insensitive (29 percent)

Top ranked list of worst hotel guests:

  • The Inattentive Parents (45 percent)
  • The In-Room Revelers and The Hallway Hellraisers (41 percent)
  • The Complainers (29 percent)
  • The Party-goers and The Bar Boozer (27 percent)

The study also revealed that most people check in for flights online. Only a third still check in at the airport.

A majority of people - 54%, said it's okay to wake snoring passengers. And South Koreans are the most likely to get drunk on a flight (followed by Thai and American passengers!)

The 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study was conducted online with over 18,000 participants from 23 countries.

"Whether you've been on one vacation or 100, you've likely experienced some form of annoying behavior while traveling," says Nisreene Atassi, Global Head of Communications for Expedia brand. "At Expedia, we want to ensure that every leg of a traveler's journey is enjoyable. Our goal with this study is to better understand travelers' biggest pet peeves and offer tips to help them maximize comfort and minimize annoyances."