Safety reminders when firing up the grill

Posted at 6:17 AM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 09:26:05-04

CHESAPEAKE Va. - The hot weather means more families will be gathering around the pool and backyard grill.

Even though you likely grill every summer, it's the perfect time for a quick refresher course to keep you and your family safe.

Remember when you're grilling it's important to take steps before, during and after to ensure you are following proper safety rules.

There's nothing like a trip form the local fire department to ruin the family BBQ.

Before Grilling:

  • 5’ from home, 3’ safe zone.
  • Make sure grill is clean-grates and below grates.
  • Check for loose connections and holes in hoses by using a mixture of ½ water, ½ liquid dish soap.
  • If grease fire happens: turn burners off, close lid and call 911. Get fire extinguisher and standby.

While Grilling:

  • Never add lighter fluid to an existing fire.
  • Do not wear loose clothing.
  • Use long handled tools.
  • Do not leave grill unattended.

After Grilling:

  • Allow charcoal coals to cool completely, then place in metal can with lid. Once in metal can, water can be added to ensure fire is out.
  • Clean grill appropriately-grates and below grates.


  • Do not use grills:
    • Inside/under tents or canopies (may be exceptions/permits)
    • On exterior balconies