Quadruplet brothers all accepted to Michigan State University

Posted at 10:46 AM, May 19, 2018

Onsted, MI (WXYZ) — Onsted High School quadruplets celebrated their last day of school before graduating at the top of their class and all attending Michigan State University.

Tony, Patrick, Nick and Matthew Doyle each were accepting to the university and each received a scholarship.

“Actually, every one of them got a scholarship, which makes me very proud everyone got something,” Christine Doyle said.

The teens said one way they kept up their good grades was constantly pushing one another.

“Most teachers assumed we’d all be academically the same but we’re all different when it came to our strong and weak points,” Nick said.

“It’s really great,” Matt said. “Say I’m having trouble with one subject he’s probably in the same class as me, so he can help me out.”

“I’d say we’re all pretty competitive,” Patrick said. “We just all try to do our best. We’ll be at the dinner table asking what did you get on this test and whoever has the lowest score we’ll kind of laugh at them a little bit.”

Nick plans to study criminal justice. Matt plans to study biology. Patrick and Tony plan to study computer science. The teens will also all room together while at Michigan State.