Man pleads guilty in deadly Hampton officer-involved shooting

Posted at 10:57 AM, May 25, 2018

HAMPTON, Va. - An 18-year-old plead guilty Friday morning for his role in a deadly officer-involved shooting last year.

Darone Owens entered an Alford plea.

That means he didn’t technically admit to the act but admitted there was enough evidence for prosecutors to prove the charges against him.

This all beganlast October.

Court documents say Owens was driving a stolen truck.

Four others were inside the car when officers began following him.

Court documents reveal police approached the truck after Owens pulled into a 7-11 on Kecoughtan Road and went into the store.

That's when someone else got behind the wheel and pointed a gun at police.

Officers fired, killing 24-year-old Deandre Bethea and hurting two others.

We’re working to find out how much time Owens faces in prison.

He’s expected to be sentenced in late July.