Men face judge in homicide of former graduate student in Sussex County

Posted at 9:20 AM, Jun 04, 2018

SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. – Two men and a juvenile charged with jumping a man at a convenience store, killing him and dumping his body in a creek remain behind bars after their Monday court appearance was continued.

Erick Obando

Erick Obando, 24, Christopher Crowder, 18, and a juvenile man were arrested February 1 in connection to the January 12 death of 36-year-old Kenneth Moore.

Court documents state Obando and Crowder jumped Moore while at a gas station in Prince George County on January. Eye witnesses told police they saw Crowder kicking and hitting Moore, while Obando slit his throat.

Christopher Jared Crowder

A hunter discovered Moore’s body inside two trash bags in a ditch on Route 35 the day after the attack. Documents state Moore’s body was transported in Crowder’s Jeep to the dump site.

Investigators confirm Moore had trauma to his head and neck and died from bleeding out.

Moore was an artist and a graduate student at Mary Washington University.

News 3 spoke to Moore’s mother, Patti Bass, after her son was found dead. She said he was robbed of his phone, wallet, backpack and laptop before his death.

Deputies confirm Crowder and the juvenile were together when the laptop was stolen.

Crowder and Obando have been charged with murder, robbery, disposing of a body on a private road and transporting a body. Stay with News 3 for updates.