Newport News Fire Department named 2018 Outstanding EMS Agency

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 17:43:52-04

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – The Newport News Fire Department has recently been awarded the EMS Council’s Outstanding EMS Agency of 2018.

The department has also been awarded the council’s 2018 award for Outstanding Contributions to EMS Health and Safety. NNFD Lt. Andre Dorsey has been recognized as well as the Outstanding Prehospital Provider for his services with the department’s Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health program.

Both the awards to the department as well as Lt. Dorsey’s will be held at the council’s 2018 annual picnic on May 19.

Interim Fire Chief, Scott W. Liebold said, “It just demonstrates the outstanding service our folks continue to provide to this community day in and day out.” He says he’s proud of the NNFD’s Firefighter-medics for their hard work and dedication to their job.

The Outstanding EMS Agency award is presented to those that show outstanding professionalism to their local communities.

Agencies awarded show an excellent level of patient care, community awareness, preventative programs, public relations, and participation in their local, regional and state EMS systems.

The Newport News Fire Department has shown to be an agency that deserving of the award due to the implementation of several programs and changes over the last year.

The following changes include adding a third EMS supervisor to ensure procedures are available for critical patients quickly, increasing high-quality CPR such as PulsePoint, receiving three LUCAS Chest Compression devices as of April through the Riverside Health System that allows medics to perform safer CPR and launching a Peer Support Program in early 2017 that aims to support firefighter in coping with emotional toll due to exposure of stressful situations.

Robert E. Lee, Assistant Chief of EMS said, “We continue to be progressive as an agency to provide the best service to improve patient outcomes.”

The award being presented to Lt. Andre Dorsey recognizes his work with NNFD’s Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health program. The Outstanding Prehospital Provider award is given to those who show outstanding dedication to the communities they serve.

The program aims to reduce any unnecessary ambulance services by first addressing the patient’s root causes. While many who call 911 for medical reasons, they don’t often need an ambulance or the emergency room.

“I feel we are making some great progress to help members of the community who need the resources,” Dorsey said.

The department recently celebrated the program’s one-year anniversary on May 22. Dorsey has helped with facilitating medical appointments for patients, as well as connecting them with any needed medical equipment and education to the public.

Dorsey said, “I can truly say it feels good to look forward to what’s to come. The program is steadily progressing in various ways to help the community.”

By Anna Marie Lopez