Locals: ‘Modern Monstrosities’ taking over the beach along Outer Banks

Posted at 1:49 PM, Jun 06, 2018

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. - Locals are calling the massive houses popping up at the beach 'McMansions' and 'Modern Monstrosities.'

A section of Virginia Dare Trail is populated with homes that consist of more than 20 bedrooms. Hotel deals have fallen through with the city, but locals said these properties are acting as that very thing.

The properties look like large houses with big parking areas and beachfront access. Many are built one next to the other.

Residents who live just across the street can no longer see the ocean from their front windows like they always have.

Property management companies say the properties are used to house large families or multiple families on vacation. Locals understand the money tourism brings into the area, but complain the guests take away the 'hometown beach' feel.

The other complaint: the guests. Locals who enjoy surfing and fishing said the buildings change the beach landscape and the large hoards of people can be a nuisance when they are trying to surf and fish from the sand.

Residents who have lived and worked in Kill Devil Hills for decades said they do not see a solution but know a single hurricane or storm could send these properties into the ocean. The issue, locals said, is no matter how much damage or how bad the erosion, the companies will just rebuild and this time, bigger.

News 3 called the city of Kill Devil Hills to get their take on the issue but we have not heard back from their office.