Possible rabid fox attacks Chesapeake homeowner

Posted at 12:36 PM, Jun 06, 2018

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - The Chesapeake Health Department is warning residents about a possible rabid fox attack in the Riverwalk neighborhood.

Elaine Rose says she was getting ready to take her dogs out for a walk when the fox came after her.

"I was in the grassy area and all of a sudden a fox came out and just grabbed my pants. Thankfully I had jeans on," Rose explained. "It just started attacking me."

Rose says she tried to escape from the fox but it continued to come after her.

"I actually fell, tripped over the edging and was trying to get my key and get into the house as quick as I could. The fox was trying to come in with me," she shared.

According to the department,  the attack was unprovoked and happened in the middle of the day, causing them to believe that the fox is rabid.

Rose was scratched by the fox before it ran away. She was treated for her injuries at the hospital and is currently undergoing rabies treatment.

"I was horrified, still am," she said.

A fox trap has been set outside of her home. Animal control says the fox is likely dead, but it is possible that they could have passed the virus onto another animal. Neighbors are asked to remain alert and get their pets a rabies vaccination as a precaution.

The Health Department urges anyone who has been bitten or scratched by any wildlife to call the Chesapeake Health Department at 757-382-8672 or Chesapeake Animal Control at 757-382-8080 and press the number one to speak with someone as soon as possible.