Woman seeks apology after government workers caught shaming family

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 17:25:09-04

Jefferson City, MO (KCTV/KSMO) — A Missouri mother was laughed at and ridiculed by a government worker when she called in for food stamps.

The conversation was recorded and turned it over to KCTV5 News.

The mom who called in has an app on her phone that automatically records every phone call. She didn’t hang up because she was taking notes and neither did the employee from social services who was working out of the St. Louis call center.

Asami Sudduth has a blended family. She and her fiance have seven kids.

The person taking her application for food stamps had a list of questions and apparently a whole lot of judgment.

“I started hearing her laughing and more and more people in the conversation,” Sudduth said. “It was very disgusting to hear the person just helping me talking about me to everyone else.”

On the recording, you can clearly hear the call-taker named Lois gossiping about Sudduth’s family. She’s joined in by at least two other employees who are difficult to hear.

“Ten, seven, five and one, then he’s got two other ones. So, he’s got four, six kids. Tell that boy to keep it in his pants!” the call taker said.

“It hurt my feelings. It really did,” Sudduth said. “I felt embarrassed. I felt degraded. I know I have a past, but I am trying to better myself, and I do need the help.”

“They are hers from another marriage or whatever,” the call taker said. “She hasn’t even hung up yet … (rustling).”

“I would love an apology from her,” the call taker said.

That hasn’t happened even after Sudduth, who was looking for help, called back to complain.

The Missouri Department of Social Services thanked KCTV5 for bringing this call to their attention. The department says they expect staff to be respectful of clients at all times and sincerely apologizes for the unprofessional comments on the recording.