Surveillance video captures man smashing things on porch, Norfolk family says

Posted at 3:28 PM, Jun 14, 2018

NORFOLK, Va. - The Hope family says they got an unexpected visitor earlier this month: a man smashing their plants and pots on their front porch.

"I was disgusted I mean it’s just so random and there’s no reason for it," Debbie Hope said. "Why people would do this I have no idea."

The family's Ring Doorbell camera captured it all happening. They were asleep, but woke up the next morning to see the video. "It's just meanness," Hope said. "Nothing other than meanness."

Hope says gardening is a hobby at her Pamlico Circle home. She was even taking care of a flower from a relative's funeral. "It almost feels defeating because you put so much into it and then they think it's a joke," she said.

The Ring camera turns on whenever someone gets close it and starts recording. It captured clear images of the man. The family has reported the incident to police and hopes someone recognizes the man.

"Maybe we can find out who these gentlemen are," she said. "Maybe there's a price to pay for it. There should be."