Portsmouth homicide suspect caught in Florida faces a judge

Posted at 10:05 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-15 18:14:32-05

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - The charges for a man accused of a 2015 murder have all been certified to the Grand Jury.

Darryl Faine was taken into custody in Florida on March 30 of this year, shortly after News 3 aired a special report with the U.S. Marshals about his long-lived run from the law.  Authorities said he was using the name "Carl Jones" and living and working in Florida, working under the table jobs.

The crime he is charged with happened on December 1, 2015 on Gateway Drive in Portsmouth.

New evidence presented in court explains a note was left to Faine's daughter Adquena before his disappearance. She told the judge her father's car was left in her driveway around the date of this crime. She got into the car to move it and found a note addressed to her, signed by her father.

Adquena Faine read the note aloud in court on Friday. It said there would be a woman inside his apartment with a gunshot wound, but in the letter Faine said he did not kill the woman; she was playing with a gun and accidentally shot herself as he was trying to get it away from her. The note then said to show this to police.

Adquena Faine brought the note to the police who then went to the apartment complex and found 26-year-old Monique Landis with a gunshot wound in her head. She was already dead and as police documented the scene they found the gun, ammunition and multiple ID's all belonging to Faine.

He was charged with Murder, Reckless Handling of a Firearm and Possession of Firearm by Felon.

The U.S. Marshals were called in to help locate Faine after his disappearance. Once caught, he was brought back to Virginia to face his Portsmouth charges. The judge ruled there is enough probable cause to move all charges to Circuit Court.

Darryl Faine was in Portsmouth Circuit Court on January 15 where he took guilty pleas on 3 charges, and 2 charges were noelle prosequi.

He was serve a total time of 5 years.

See below for updated charges and sentencing:

  • Original charge of FIRST DEGREE MURDER, he took a guilty plea to amended charge of MANSLAUGHTER: INVOLUNTARY - Sentenced to 10 years, 7 suspended - 7 years supervised probation
  • POSSESS FIREARM BY CONVICTED FELON - guilty plea - sentenced to 5 years, 4 suspended - 5 years supervised probation
  • CONCEAL DEAD BODY - guilty plea - sentenced to 5 years, 4 suspended - 5 years supervised probation
  • USE OF A FIREARM - Nolle prosequi
  • FELON POSS WEAPON/AMMO (NOT GUN) - nolle prosequi


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