Ceiling crashes down onto children at apartment

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 18, 2018

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – The entire ceiling of a DeKalb County apartment came crashing down onto several children attending a birthday party inside the unit.

The incident happened at the Spring Valley Apartments in Decatur.

The family who lives there was hosting a birthday party for a 12 year-old boy when the ceiling, all of a sudden, came crashing down.

That’s when they started pulling out more than a dozen children from underneath the drywall and insulation.

“My first emotion is ‘where are my kids.’ ‘Where are my other kids.’ ‘Is everybody okay?’ ‘Oh my god. What is going on?’ said family member Natasha Henley. “I didn’t really get the full understanding of what was going on until I came out from under everything, grabbed my son and went to back and seen that everything had collapsed.”

Henley says she went to the hospital to get her injuries examined and she also tells CBS46 she’ll take legal action.