Neighbors clean up damages after severe thunderstorm in Isle of Wight County

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jun 23, 2018

ISLE OF WIGHT, VA. - Charles Roff told News 3 a tree fell and split his barn down the middle.

Straight line winds up to 60 miles per hour came through the area during a severe thunderstorm on June 22.

It's one of the many damages done to his  property off Riddick Road in Smithfield.

Roff and his wife said they heard hail coming down and they quickly went to the lower level of their home.

"I got up went to look out the window you couldn't even see it the rain was coming down so bad," Roff said.

Dozens of tree branches covered more than 30 acres of Roff's land.

"Luckily it missed our house; there was just some wind damage on the siding is all," he added.

Dominion Energy said they've been working with local agencies to clean up fallen trees and fix downed power lines on Benns Church Boulevard and secondary roads.

Other neighbors mentioned it's been the second storm to cause destruction in two years.

They also stepped in to clear secondary roads.

"My skid loader and start removing tress off Riddick road so people can get back to there homes," Roff said. "A lot of people are just trying to get home, so we opened that up so people can get home."