Chesapeake’s Grant Holloway is hurdling past his own expectations

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 22:47:19-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Grant Holloway is an avid gamer. The year is 2018, but when he has time, he'll dust off his GameCube and play some Mario Party.

Grant Holloway

It was just two years ago when Holloway would have to make a game-changing decision in his life: continue playing football, or continue running track. He chose the latter, and it has paid off.

In just two seasons at the University of Florida, Holloway has won four NCAA Championships. Two in indoor season, two in outdoor. The Grassfield High product also has numerous All-American honors to his name.

If you asked Holloway if this was what he expected two years ago in Grassfield's weight room, he would have "looked at you like you were crazy." In hindsight, there's one thing that helped him get to this point.

"Hard work pays off. They say 'God works in mysterious ways', and he does. I have four NCAA titles, and I think 11 plus All-American honors," Holloway told News 3. "It's just how it works out sometimes. You work hard, do what you've got to do, it will all come out."

Grant Holloway

Although he had a chance to forego the rest of his collegiate career and turn professional, Holloway announced that he would be returning to Gainseville for his Junior year.  "I'm in love with the team aspect of Track & Field," Holloway said.

"The bond that I have with those brothers on my team, the relationship I have with coaches, I'm just not ready to give that up for a Nike uniform, an Under Armour uniform, whatever shoe brand you could say."