A plea for help turns into costly mistake; man accused is arrested twice

Posted at 9:16 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 23:47:59-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - A local man was arrested again Friday for trying to borrow money from people he never intended on paying back.

Eric Wayne Allen is seen on multiple surveillance videos knocking on the door, then asking whoever opens it for money.

"He came banging on the door and he said had an emergency," said Andrea Rutledge, who lives in a condo near Newtown Road. She said Allen told her a story about how his wife was stuck on Dam Neck Road and needed $60 to fill up her car with gas.

Rutledge admits her good heart took over.

"I got in my car, went to the bank and withdrew $60 and he wrote me a note," said Rutledge.

The note said an Eric Wilson owed Andrea Rutledge $60 in cash or in barbecue. Rutledge mentioned at the time, he said he owned a barbecue restaurant. The note also contained a unit number and a phone number, which Rutledge said she's called many times to no answer.

According to others who say they have been duped by Allen, it's one of the many stories he uses. Jackie Crain said he came to her Chesapeake home.

"He showed up banging loudly on the door and seemed to be frazzled, saying that he had a tow truck or car was being towed and just needed $40 more," said Crain.

This is a crime Allen has gone to jail for in the past. News 3 reported Allen was arrested by Virginia Beach Police in 2014. Allen is currently in the Chesapeake City Jail after being arrested Friday. Now, the people who gave Allen money want to warn others.

Rutledge said, "He told me he lived behind me, went over there and banged on the door several times, no answer. People be warned. Don't take people's word."

"I was really happy it was being shared on social media so I could let people know, 'Hey this happened to me' and keep other people from being a victim as well," said Crain.

Allen's next court appearance is July 24.