Chesapeake man sentenced for two counts of animal cruelty

Posted at 9:10 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 21:10:27-04

Michael A. Ott

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Michael Ott, 29, was sentenced today in Chesapeake Circuit Court for two counts of animal cruelty. He will serve one year and six months for both counts, with indeterminate supervision once he is released.

Ott was accused of beating two dogs in August 2017. According to Chesapeake Police, both dogs died as a result of the beating.

Court documents obtained by News 3 showed that a Yorkie, named Gizmo, suffered from severe trauma all over his body. The second dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Ghost, had severe trauma to mainly his head.

Investigators were called to the 100 block of Fairwind Drive where they arrested Ott.

Court records show the two beatings allegedly happened about a week apart. The first incident was on August 10, and the second was on August 22.

Though the two counts of animal cruelty initially carried sentences of five years and four months, four years and six months of the jail time was suspended.