Paul Ryan says a family of woodchucks ate his car

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 17:28:24-04

Don’t underestimate the damage a few hungry rodents can inflict, even on something as inedible as an SUV.

During an event hosted by The Economic Club in Washington DC, Speaker Paul Ryan said his Chevy Suburban was gnawed on by a family of woodchucks

“My car was eaten by animals. And it’s just dead,” Ryan said.

As a top congressional official with a security detail and a chauffeur, Ryan says he hasn’t driven in three years. So while he isn’t using his car, he says keeps it at his mother’s house in his hometown of Jainesville, Wisconsin.

According to Ryan, every month she revs up the Suburban just to make sure it still works. Recently, after returning home from a trip to Florida, it was dead.

“So I towed it into the dealer, they put it up, and they realized that a family of woodchucks lived in the underbody of my Suburban,” he said.

Looks like Ryan’s going to have to get a new car before he retires at the end of the year and has to start driving himself.

Ryan said hehas his eye on a Ford pickup.

He also said he renewed his license, so barring anymore woodchuck encounters, he’ll be ready to hit the road.