Work van stolen from customer’s home found in Portsmouth

Posted at 12:28 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 17:23:39-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - A work van stolen from a Norfolk home has been recovered in Portsmouth.

Earlier this week, News 3 shared the story of Rob Shortt, the owner of Stokley's Services, an air conditioning and heating company based in Chesapeake. On July 12, Shortt says his tech was finishing a job at a West Ghent home in Norfolk when his work van was stolen from the customer's driveway.

Shortt says his tech left the keys inside the van while he went to get some paperwork signed in the home. While the tech was only gone for a few minutes, it was enough time for someone to get into the van and take off.

According to Shortt, the van was only three days old and valued at $35,000. Inside the truck there was $25,000 worth of tools.

Days after News 3 aired Shortt's story, he received good news. According to Portsmouth Police, the stolen van was found on July 18 behind an apartment complex on Princeton Place.

The van was taken to the city impound lot and Shortt was able to see it shortly after it was recovered.

According to Shortt, the tools have not been recovered but he is thrilled to know where the vehicle is. He says the advertising signage that was put on the van was also taken off the vehicle.

Police have dusted the vehicle for prints. Shortt is working with his insurance company and is hoping to get the van back out on the streets soon. He says it will be outfitted with GPS.

While Shortt is grateful to get his van back, he wants to pay his good luck forward. He says a lot of people who helped look for the stolen van are in the animal rescue community. He is now hoping to use his following as a way to increase donations to area shelters who help dogs and cats in need.