State of Emergency issued for Swan Beach subdivision in Currituck Co.

Posted at 2:17 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 23:43:18-04

CURRITUCK Co., N.C. — A State of Emergency has been issued for the Swan Beach subdivision in Currituck County.

The State of Emergency allows county staff to begin the pumping of floodwaters from roads in Swan Beach.

Officials say due to recent rainfall, certain roads in Swan Beach are heavily flooded and impassable, which creates an impact on public safety.

"Swan Beach is definitely pretty much underwater," said Carova Fire and Rescue Chief Jay Laughmiller.

Pockets of flood water and flowing rivers take the place of most streets in the area, making the roads impassable. Many say Tuesday was the worst day of the flooding and storm.

"With the sound full and the south wind, it kept the canals full. The sound was full of water so the water on the roads didn't have anywhere to go to," said Laughmiller.

The stormwater will be pumped from the roads to allow for safe travel of emergency vehicles in Swan Beach.

Tourist Micah Lynn came to Swan Beach with family and friends but Lynn says they have been stuck inside until Thursday.

"Ever since we got here, the roads have been flooded. Can’t ever leave the house," said Lynn.

They showed News 3 videos of people kayaking down the flooded streets and trucks trying to make it through the floodwater.  They say on Tuesday, there was so much rainfall, water was coming through the doors.

"We broke two trucks trying to get through it. We actually had someone in the house get cut pretty bad trying to get through the water," said Lynn.

Planned locations for the pumps include Albatross and Canary streets. Emergency pumping is underway in the Ocean Sands and Spindrift communities. The county is asking for parents to keep kids out of the stormwater because of bacteria.