Alex Smith getting acclimated with his new scenery, has no plans of slowing down

Posted at 12:38 AM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 00:38:48-04

RICHMOND, Va. - Entering a season where a plethora of new faces don the burgundy & gold, the one under center is making sure he builds Redskins rapport rather quickly. 

"It's funny I love going away to camp," said 'Skins new quarterback Alex Smith.

"You know, so to get down here and to get it started off I mean when you have kids and a family you get less and less time to hang out with the guys and camp is a time for that the older you get."

Camp is also a time for Smith to get fully acclimated to Jay Gruden's offense. While he says he still has some learning to do, his teammates say he's doing just fine.

"It's been fun, me and Alex are building great chemistry," said new receiver Paul Richardson.

Last season at 33 years old, Smith had his best season yet statistically. For fans that might be worried about an aging Alex, fear not. "I still feel like I haven't reached my potential which pushes me [and] challenges me to continue to strive to get better," said Smith.

"I still feel like I am a young 34-year old and I do have a lot of ball ahead of me."

If you didn't know, ball is life.