Hampton University professors hope to bring active shooter simulation training to campus

Posted at 5:11 AM, Jul 31, 2018

HAMPTON, Va. – Back on July 10, Hampton University professors, several elected officials, community members and the media participated in a police active shooter simulation at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside.

Now, professors in the Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice are hoping to bring the simulation to campus in an effort to educate students and staff members.

The training utilizes a screen and projector where various real-life scenarios play out. Participants then interact with the screen while possessing either a gun or taser. They are forced to react and make the best decision possible to the situation unfolding in front of them.

“What a great opportunity for our professors to gain knowledge about what police officers go through each day and to share that information with our students,” Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey said in a school press release.

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund is an organization located in Northern Virginia. Its goal is to educate the public about police training through simulator programs.