Police, FBI working situation in Carrollton neighborhood

Posted at 10:36 AM, Jul 31, 2018

ISLE OF WIGHT CO., Va. - Police and FBI agents were working a situation in the Grayston subdivision in Carrollton Tuesday.

While authorities haven't said what tipped them off about a home inside the subdivision, witnesses say they saw agents and police surrounding a home with guns drawn before bursting inside.

Many residents were left stuck outside their homes and were anxious to get back inside.

"I asked the question, 'What was going on?' and they couldn't tell me," said Monique Nichols. "They said it would be a while out here and nobody can go back to the house. So I came back over to see if I could get in the house and still can't get in."

News 3 attempted to get court documents regarding this incident, but the FBI says they're sealed.

The Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office and the Suffolk Police Department had been assisting the FBI throughout the day.

On Wednesday an arrest in relation to this incident was announced by police. Paul Longoria has been arrested by Isle of Wight Deputies for manufacture, possession, use, etc., of fire bombs or explosive materials or devices.