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Local teen risks his life to save dog hit by truck

Posted at 9:25 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 23:25:30-04

YORKTOWN, Va. - Darius Hall was walking to the YMCA in the rain when something was wrong with music he was listening to. To fix his playlist, he looked up and that's when he saw a truck hit a pit bull terrier named Bebe on Route 134.

“'Stop! Stop!' I’m yelling and he just kept going. So I ran over to Bebe and picked her up," said Darius, not thinking about how he could be in danger.

Then, he tried to flag down cars to help him get Bebe to a veterinarian hospital. Unbeknownst to Darius, Bebe's owners, Bob and Terry Taylor, were frantically looking for her. The Taylors said she's terrified of thunder and bolted when she heard the first sign of it.

Darius was able to get Bebe to a vet hospital, and that's something the Taylors are beyond grateful for.

"You got her help within half an hour. It's a miracle, it really is," said Terry. "It means so much to me someone would care as much about my dog as I do."

The Taylors got a call from the vet hospital saying their dog had been hit. They rushed over, but the news wasn't good. It was recommended Bebe be put down.

"We lost sleep for a couple of nights. She was paralyzed," said Bob.

But they decided to bring Bebe home, and she made a miraculous recovery.

Risking his life to save Bebe wasn't enough for Darius. He had seen Bebe before since he lives in the same neighborhood. On Wednesday, he visited the Taylors, thinking they had lost their dog.

"When I came over the first time. I came in and in my mind, I just wanted to be really nice because I thought they lost their dog. I came in and they were really happy, and I was like okay…I came in and she’s [Bebe] sitting on the couch wagging her tail!"

It was a recovery worthy of all the treats Bebe could want. And a recovery Bebe's owners said couldn't have happened without Darius.

"She had a guardian angel," said Terry.