Bond denied for Isle of Wight man charged with bomb-making

Posted at 9:12 AM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 18:32:54-04

CARROLLTON, Va. - An Isle of Wight man accused of having bomb making materials in his home was denied bond Monday morning.

32-year-old Paul Longoria is charged with manufacturing and possessing explosive materials.

He was arrested after the FBI raided his home in Carrollton last Tuesday.

The Commonwealth's Attorney Georgette Phillips told the judge FBI agents were at the home after Longoria posted online threats to shoot up a school.

No school was named in the threat.

Court documents reveal some of the items uncovered included sections of pipe, wire, triggers and other electronic components.

They also found various chemicals.

Longoria's attorney told the judge those were basically household chemicals and nothing showed that he planned to do anything sinister with the material.

The Commonwealth disagreed.

"There was not a bomb or any evidence of bombs being detonated or no threat to bomb any particular thing," Phillips said. "So items found as represented in court could be items anyone one could have in their house; however, when you couple all that with the threats to the school that were originally being investigated, that was of greatest concern to the court.”

Longoria told investigators he used the items for art and business ventures.

His attorney appealed the judge's decision.

Another bond hearing is set for August 15.