Newport News Police help spread unity at local event

Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-12 01:34:42-04

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Police in Newport News took part in a community event at the department’s own headquarters Friday to spread unity in the city.  

The event was hosted by a Ms. Cheeseman and a few of her friends, according to a tweet from the Newport News Police Department.

Music set the tone for the event, with burgers and hot dogs also available for some hungry community members and officers. A few classic cars even made their way to the department’s headquarters for the occasion.

NNPD said it is so thankful to all the amazing people who put on the event for their time and generosity.

NNPD also hosted a “Chief on the Go” event on Saturday in another effort to visit and be with members of the community it serves.

Steven R. “Steve” Drew was sworn in as Chief of the Newport News Police Department on June 28, days before he officially started the job on July 2.

Chief Drew has started his time on the Newport News Police Department having to answer tough questions about crime in the city.

Within Drew’s first few days on the job, the almost 25-year law enforcement veteran had to lay out a plan on how he and his department would deal with an uptick in homicides, which included two different deadly shootings that happened in less than 32 hours on the same street.