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National campaign features local 5-year-old for kindness

Posted at 5:42 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 10:48:28-04

GLOUCESTER, Va. - Paisley is a spunky 5-year-old girl.

Paisley Scruggs

She loves to wear dresses and play in the dirt.

She can tell you a lot about slimy toads, the cucumbers in the garden, and how her puppy isn't supposed to eat the leaves off the vines.

"That's a baby one. This one, this one is cucumbers," Paisley said.

She's also a wonderful, simple reminder in the beauty of being kind. "Because friends do what friends do," Paisley said.

Joyce mills owner of Belle Eve Photography in Gloucester came across the campaign after her own daughter was featured.

She wanted to return the feeling of value her daughter gained, by gifting a shoot to another deserving child.

"When she graduated preschool, and after the ceremony she noticed there was a little girl whose parents weren't able to come so because of that she asked her mom and dad if they could include her in the pictures and include her in the craft time since she didn't have family there that day," Joyce Mills said.

Joyce called Kari and James to let them know their daughter was chosen.

Kari says for them, it's a little nod they are doing something right.

"His birthday came up recently and we went and got a little thing for her because we thought she's five, she's not really going to get this still. We asked her Paisley do you want a surprise and she said no this is Parker's day, this is Parker's day," Kari Scruggs said.

Sometimes a 5-year-old is a humbling reminder, that simply being kind is enough.

"There's plenty of people in this world that could have been chosen and we are very happy that it was Paisley," Kari Scruggs said.

See Paisleys feature with Belle Eve Photography here.