Josh Norman, a credited actor, reveals the one role he is coveting

Posted at 12:29 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 00:29:48-04

RICHMOND, Va. -  Faith, family, and football are three things Josh Norman is passionate about.

Josh Norman acting in "Shift"

He could go on and on about the trio. But there's a fourth thing he can go off-script about: acting.

After all, the Redskins cornerback is a credited actor!

"It was pretty cool man, just to sit up there and kind of go through the whole backdrop of everything," Norman told News 3.

"The directors and the cuts and the edits and the coming back and doing the script all over again. and then going in there and actually playing the role."

Norman played the role of 'Jonathan' in the short film Shift, directed by Daniel Poler. The movie is plotted around a phone app that allows humans to control their emotions. "It's also challenging to learn the script, know it, memorize it, and make it into your own," Norman said. "You're being someone else, you know? Indulging into your character."

Josh Norman in "Shift"

As for the character Norman wants to take a crack at? The Joker. His infatuation with the Batman series has been well-documented. "For me, it would have been Heath Ledger," Norman said.

"I really want to be the Joker, but I want to stay here on Earth. I would be that type of person to indulge myself into that character.:

He hasn't taken classes, but if he did he "would truly drop football, and pursue it full time."

Until then, he'll keep his nose in on-the-field film.