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Back to school: Letting the kids pick their clothes

Posted at 7:30 AM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 09:00:02-04

NORFOLK, Va. — For most parents, the thought of their kids dressing themselves seems so grown up, and most parents want to slow that process.

There have been a few studies that show when kids choose their clothes it can help them feel more confident and it can save mom and dad some time

Allowing your kids to choose encourages them to be an individual. When kids get to pick out their own clothes it allows them to express who they are, even if that means 24 hours in their favorite Disney princess dress.

Being able to choose also gives them a little more security when mom and dad believe in them to do a big task like dressing themselves

Psychologists found other reasons to let the kids choose.

When the kids pick out their clothes it can save time for mom and dad in the morning.

Mom of two, Bernadette Watkins, says letting her kids pick has made her morning less stressful. She added the key is having more than one option set out the night before.

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"Even though they are children they feel one way or want something a little more comfortable, like [mom] can we try this? Or I don't want to wear jeans, my daughter is like. She will just wear leggings or a skirt or something like they all have their own sense of style," Watkins said.

There is also less of a chance for the kids to put up a fight about the clothes they wear that day when they get to choose.

Rather than just having them pick clothes at the store, it might be a good time to let them play around with a budget - depending on their age.

It can also be a great bonding experience right before they go back to school, getting to choose may mean they want to be there shopping.