Family discovers sex offender works next to their daughter’s bus stop

Posted at 10:44 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 12:54:59-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A local family discovered their daughter’s bus stop is next to a registered sex offender’s work a few days before school started. The stop was located on Westgrove Road and Peachcreek Lane.

The offender’s work address is listed at a home on Westgrove Road.

David’s daughter attends Bayside Sixth Grade Campus. His wife, Sara, made the discovery after checking the Virginia State Police’s Sex Offender Registry. They have always walked with their kids to and from the bus stop but have more motivation to do so now.

“I keep a more mindful watch and knowing what’s around me, who is living around me. I don’t feel comfortable with my daughter walking alone,” said David.

Sara called Virginia Beach City Public Schools right away and the school district immediately moved the stop. The Sanderses are grateful for how quickly things happened.

A spokeswoman with the school district said:

If a family member has a concern about the placement of their school bus stop, they should reach out to the Office of Transportation Services at 263-2928. Staff will work with state police to see if a sex offender does reside at the address and, if so, see if there are any possible alternatives.

Even though the bus stop was moved immediately, it’s still a wake-up call for the Sanderses and other parents who use the same bus stop, especially since they said the new bus stop is only the next street over on Westgrove Road and Hunting Hill Lane.

“Just to make sure everything goes alright and when they come home, I’ll be there to help them walk to the house,” said Sanders.

Sandryseu Rivera’s grandson uses the same bus stop and she said she was shocked when she found out the news. However, she has a policy she always abides by and will continue to follow.

“He will never walk to the bus stop by himself and he will never be there by himself,” said Rivera.

In the school district’s Code of Student Conduct, parents, or someone they trust, should always accompany their kids to the bus stop.

*A previous version of this story stated the sex offender lived by the bus stop but the sex offender registry lists the location as a work address.