Could you be feeding your child dangerous chemicals and not know it?

Posted at 3:13 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 19:32:32-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Could you be feeding your child dangerous chemicals and not know it?

The American Academy of Pediatrics said we need stronger federal regulations when it comes to more than 10,000 FDA-approved chemicals added to food and food packaging.

They are calling for urgently needed reform and said an increasing number of studies suggest some food additives can interfere with a child’s hormones, growth and development.

Tammy Townsend is concerned about exposing her two-year-old son to danger.

“He’s my first child, so I’m really overwhelmed about everything that’s going on,” said Townsend.

Some additives are put directly in food while other additives may include chemicals from plastics, glues, dyes, paper, cardboard and different types of coating used for processing.

Experts said kids are vulnerable because they are still growing.

Experts suggest buying more fresh or frozen vegetables and fewer processed meats.

They said heat can cause plastics to leak chemicals into food, so avoid microwaving food in plastic when possible and avoid putting it in the dishwasher.

Experts also said to use glass or stainless steel and to clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

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