Tidal flooding continues to keep kids out of school in North Carolina

Posted at 6:40 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 18:40:54-04

MOYOCK, N.C. - Flooded roadways may not stop cars from driving through, but it has stopped school buses in Northeastern North Carolina.

Students in Currituck County and surrounding areas were out of school again on Tuesday. The reason? Tidal flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. 

While this is nothing new for residents, school officials said they take all streets into consideration before deciding whether or not to cancel school.

"Can buses make it up and down the highway? Can students make it home from their homes [and then] to the buses and then in [that] reverse order at the end of the day? So, we start with those decisions first and foremost," said Superintendent Mark Stefanik.

Stefanik said that if it is too dangerous for children to walk to their bus stop, district administrators will take a look at other options. If it is only one specific neighborhood that may be effected, they may not cancel school altogether, but they won't make those children go to class.

In some cases students have been given take home schoolwork or allotted extra time with a teacher to make up what they missed.

Because of the tidal flooding that Hurricane Florence caused, the district ultimately canceled school. "When the number got to be, you know, 12 to 15 neighborhood areas, then it was time to start talking about too many students impacted, too many families impacted and we needed to close the school district for the day," said Stefanik.

The school district also works with other county organizations to keep track of water levels throughout the day. To account for lost time, they have added 10 extra minutes to each school day.

With that time and optional work days, the county has about 12 built-in days before they need to add on to the school year.

On Tuesday, students grades K-8th will not have school because of an already scheduled Teacher Work Day. For now, both high school will operate on a 2-hour delay, but depending on conditions, that could change.

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Areas reported to have excessive water on the roadways. This list is constantly being updated and may change:

  • Poyners Road
  • East Ridge Road
  • Beechwood Shores Road
  • Bells Island
  • Parts of Walnut Island
  • Parts of Knotts Island
  • Tulls Creek Road
  • Shingle Landing
  • Waterlily Road