Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney takes out criminal charge against man who called for her removal from office

Posted at 3:42 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 17:47:25-04

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Commonwealth's Attorney Stephanie Morales and her husband have taken out criminal charges against Barry Randall, a known critic who has called for her removal from office.

Randall is charged with two misdemeanors of using identity to harass. "It was unbelievable," Randall tells News 3.

The drama began last month when Morales posted a video of her and her family rapping about "booty popping" in a music video called "Sundress Season." Randall called the video inappropriate and called for Portsmouth residents to recall her from office.

Since then, he says he and Morales' husband Luis got into a confrontation. That led to him taking out a protective order against Luis. Randall posted the order on Facebook, which included the Morales' home address. On Sept. 28, Luis went to the magistrate's office and took out a criminal charge. On Tuesday, his wife followed suit in her personal capacity.

"I believe based on his past and present conduct, that he posted my identifying information in an attempt to intimidate and harass me and my family," Stephanie Morales wrote in the criminal complaint. "His post sparked violent commentary and references to people knowing where I live."

Randall says that wasn't his intention at all. "That goes against everything that I stand of. That goes against what I believe," Randall said. "I would never want anyone to harm them."

Morales declined to do an on-camera interview with News 3, but in a brief statement said her actions aren't about politics, but "about ensuring my family and I are safe."

Randall is due in court on Friday morning for an arraignment. The case will require a special prosecutor. "I'm not going to be quiet. I'm not going to allow [Morales] to silence me despite her using the law on her side," Randall said.

While he considers Morales being recalled a long shot, Randall said he stands by his criticism. "Until we get tired in Portsmouth and stand against all these things that are happening through this office, she's going to continue to do what she wants and pop her booty," Randall said.