Local emergency management crews want you to stay on guard as Michael heads to Hampton Roads

Posted at 10:33 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 09:23:02-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - As Hurricane Michael heads toward Hampton Roads, local emergency management crews are urging people to not let their guard down and prepare their homes for what could come.

Some homes are ready... for Halloween that is! John Jones said he always takes Halloween very seriously and has plenty of decorations in his front yard.

"That was actually the first thing we made. We’ll take it down," said Jones, describing a hanging cage with a skeleton inside. "We don't need it breaking and hitting anybody’s vehicle or house. So we’ll take it down, get it away."

That's the spirit Erin Sutton, the director of Emergency Management in Virginia Beach, is hoping for.

"50 to 60 mph winds can pick all of those up and throw them at your neighbor's house," said Sutton.

Some parts of Virginia Beach are already feeling effects. Sutton added areas close to the southern watershed such as Back Bay are seeing rising waters because of the southern winds. However, she's also encouraging people to be on alert for what could happen on top of gusty winds and rain.

"Because it is moving so quickly, it’ll be in and out of here, but it could affect anyone in the city and we really want people to be prepared," said Sutton.

That includes clearing any debris or bags of fallen leaves that could clog up or block storm drains. Sutton said on some streets, it could take only one blocked drain to cause a significant rise in water.

In Norfolk, some businesses are already ready, since they prepared for Florence. AOC Salon in Ghent is one of them.

"We got the sandbags for the storm earlier last month and we’ve kept there here at the salon to be prepared for any upcoming storms the rest of the season," said owner Brian Markman.

Sutton said it's better to be over-prepared and it's good to get in the practice of getting your home ready for a storm.

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