Strong winds leave many in the dark days after storm, knock down tin soldier

Posted at 10:26 PM, Oct 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-13 23:45:31-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Thousands of people are still without power two days after Tropical Storm Michael makes its way through Hampton Roads.

Rookery Way in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Virginia Beach is home to many anxious people who just want their power back.

"Power was out by 12:30 and we haven’t had it since," said Julie Nelson as she recalled Thursday night's events.

She said the gusty winds woke her up in the middle of the night.

"There were pinecones smashing into our windows. It sounded like hail," said Nelson.

Those winds took out crucial power lines. Nelson said she's never lost power during a storm before. Dominion Energy has deployed an extra 200 workers Saturday to help get power restored. As of Saturday afternoon, more than 80 percent of their customers had electricity.

"I'm not going to lie I want to be thankful for Florence because I got prepped for that. I bought water, nonperishable food to get by on. Well, the power is out so I have everything from that storm," said Nelson who showed News 3 her stocked pantry.

Another victim of the gusty winds? One of the tin soldiers on Shore Drive from the Tin Soldiers Forgotten Treasures boutique.

"I've lived here almost 20 years and these guys have survived everything so it's pretty amazing one of them came down," said Rebecca Anderson, one of the store employees.

Anderson said the property owners came out, dismantled the soldier piece by piece to be repaired.

"I was told he’s definitely returning because these guys are a staple of Shore Drive," said Anderson.

Dominion Energy said they hope to have power restored to all customers Monday evening.