Pit bull stabbed while out on a walk

Posted at 1:17 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 13:20:52-04

ROGERS, Ark. - An outraged pit bull owner is looking for answers after someone stabbed her dog while he was out for a walk in her neighborhood last Wednesday.

According to the pit bull's owner Bethany Greenlee, her cousins were taking her dog Rome out for a walk. They passed by a man and his Chihuahua when Rome went to sniff the other dog.

Greenlee says the man then whipped out a pocket knife and stabbed Rome, once in the chest and twice in the neck.

According to Greenlee, the three lacerations resulted in 13 staples down Rome's neck and chest, with medical expenses totaling more than $900.

"They said that if it wouldn't have been for all the neck rolls that he had in his skin, he definitely would have not made it. They were pretty deep, they went through three or four towels around his neck to soak up the blood," Greenlee told KFSM.

Greenlee says Rome is a sweet old soul that has never hurt anyone, and that he did not deserve this.

"He's a pit bull, so it's shocking that my dog let you stab him three times and he still didn't maul your face off. So it just shows that my dog is not aggressive."

Greenlee says she took Rome to get his staples out on Tuesday, and he's now good as new thanks to doctors at the Springdale Animal Emergency Clinic.

Greenlee said she plans to file a police report soon, but still has no idea who it was that stabbed Rome.