Virginia Department of Forestry prepares to open online tree seedling store

Posted at 11:26 AM, Oct 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-28 11:26:33-04

The Virginia Department of Forestry’s online tree seedling store is expected to open for business November 19, a delay from the previously expected November 1 opening date.

Orders may be placed online beginning November 19, or by calling the Augusta Forestry Center at 540-363-7000. Orders will still be accepted by phone beginning November 1.

The nursery offers more than 50 species of tree seedlings, including dogwood, apple, bald cypress, maples, white pine and several species of oak. There are also several specialty seedling packs designed for specific uses, such as riparian buffer establishment, wildlife habitat enhancement, quail management and tree species known for producing food for Virginia’s pollinators.

According to a release by VDOF, the nursery program’s best seller is loblolly pine, which is planted on a wide range of sites east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. The control-pollinated seedlings VDOF offers can grow up to 90 percent faster than a wild loblolly pine.

Payment for tree seedlings must be made at the time of purchase. If placing an order by phone or online, credit card is the only accepted method of payment. Walk-in orders may be paid with credit card, check or money order.

Tax-exempt orders must be placed over the phone or in person, and a fully completed ST-18 form must be provided before the tax-exempt order is placed. Forestry Centers Manager Josh Bennicoff recommends having the form filled out in advance and mailed or faxed to one of the nurseries to avoid delays.

To browse the seedling catalog prior to the store’s opening, click here.