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Fun facts about redheads on National Love Your Red Hair Day

Posted at 10:17 AM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 11:57:59-05

WTKR – While it is not the most common hair color, it is certainly a very talked about one, and is celebrated nationally each year on

From Getty Images. This little redhead is rocking out on National Love Your Redhead Day!.

November 5.

To celebrate the occasion, we have compiled a story of fun facts about red-headed people.

  • Did you know that having red hair is a genetic mutation?

According to a Cosmopolitan magazine story, for a redhead to be born – both parents must have the mutated MC1R gene. If only one of them has it, the chance of them having a redhead baby is only 25 percent.

  • There are now redhead emojis that your red-headed friends can use

Don’t get too excited but if you were looking to send a redhead emoji, you were not able to until recently when Apple made red hair people emojis available with its iOS 12.1 update.

  • The population of people with red hair worldwide is less than 2 percent

According to a Cosmopolitan magazine story, no more than 140 million people in the world have red hair. Where is the population of redheads the highest? Scotland, with Ireland coming in second.

Check in all day to see what other random redhead facts we find!