Final member of large Hampton Roads Oxycodone ring sentenced to 10 years in prison

Posted at 9:12 PM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-23 16:16:15-05

NORFOLK, Va. – The last defendant in Operation Chasing Oxy, a large Oxycodone ring operating in Hampton Roads, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his leadership role in the conspiracy.

Operation Chasing Oxy was a nine-member conspiracy to fraudulently obtain and sell approximately 9,000 Oxycodone pills in Hampton Roads.

Court documents say from February-September 2017, Deonte Farrow and Quentia Fields led the conspiracy to fraudulently obtain the pills from different pharmacies in the area to sell them on the streets for a profit.

The records say Farrow and Fields manufactured and drafted prescriptions for Oxycodone pills from their home computers and printers, using the name and DEA registration numbers of real physicians, without the physicians’ knowledge. They then worked with co-conspirators Harvey Williams, Lucion Liles and Quanisha Platt to recruit people to serve as runners.

These runners included Tynasia Smith, Travis Smith, Juan Ramirez and Tykeiah Benn, who would take the prescriptions to the different pharmacies to be filled. Platt, who the documents say had worked in several pharmacies, knew how to draft a prescription so it looked legitimate to a pharmacy. The runners were either paid in money or given a quantity of the pills for their services.

The listed patient on the fraudulent written prescriptions were either the name of a co-conspirator or the name of another real person, sometimes without that person’s knowledge.

In total, records say approximately 20 physicians’ names and DEA registration numbers were used on the fraudulent prescriptions without the doctor’s knowledge.

Juan Ramirez and Lucion Liles were sentenced in July, while Quanisha Platt was sentenced in September.

The following people were sentenced in connection with Operations Chasing Oxy:

  • Deonte Farrow, 28, of Norfolk – 120 months
  • Quentia Fields, 27, of Norfolk – 46 months
  • Harvey Williams, 27, of Chesapeake – 51 months
  • Lucion Liles, 28, of Norfolk – 41 months
  • Quanisha Platt, 24, of Norfolk – 37 months
  • Tykeiah Benn, 27, of Norfolk – 24 months
  • Travis Smith, 31, of Norfolk – 16 months
  • Juan Ramirez, 31, of Norfolk – 10 months
  • Tynasia Smith, 22, of Chesapeake – 7 months

The investigation was conducted by the Richmond Tactical Diversion Squad in cooperation with the Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach Police Departments, along with Virginia State Police.