VDOT gears up for winter season after “unusual” weather last year

Posted at 12:22 PM, Dec 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-04 12:22:57-05

NORFOLK, Va. - After about 12 inches of snow brought parts of Hampton Roads to a standstill for days last year, VDOT isn’t taking any chances during this upcoming winter season.

“Last year’s snow storm was unusual,” William Collier, V-DOT’s Hampton Roads District Maintenance Manager, said.

They took News 3 inside one of their facilities Tuesday as they did a dry run.

“Things we do, testing equipment, making sure people are familiar with the equipment on how to load trucks, drive the trucks,” Collier explained.

Trucks like salt spreaders and plows that clear the interstates, primary, and major secondary roads.

VDOT told us some of the more than 400 pieces of equipment are new.

“It’s more proficient in getting the job done,” VDOT Maintenance Operations Manager’s Howell Godfrey said. “So far as to different plows that we have, some of the plows we had here older than the new ones, different type of blades.”

They have tons of salt and sand to treat the roadways.

Administrators said they prepared last year but, unfortunately,  snow events are unpredictable.

“When we’re fighting snow for over four, five days–the Eastern Shore had wind and snow drifts that they were dealing with eight to ten feet high- those are things we usually don’t have to deal with,” Collier said.

Though we can’t control what the weather brings, VDOT said their crews and trucks are already on standby to respond, so you can reach your destination without hazard.

They also urge drivers to be patient in the process.