Black bear caught on video sniffing around front porch of Camden County home

Posted at 3:15 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 12:51:22-05

CAMDEN, Co., N.C. – A black bear got a little too close for comfort at one North Carolina home.

On Sunday around 9:30 p.m., officers of the Elizabeth City Police Department responded to the area of North Poindexter Street, East Colonial Avenue and Main Street because a black bear was running around in the area.

Officers were unable to locate the black bear but one woman got surprising video at her home.

Lynn Leary Merritt posted a video on Facebook of a large bear sniffing around her front porch.

“Thank Goodness for my new blink xt security that’s keeps waking me up all thru the night with raccoons and newspapers being thrown at it🤣🤣🤣I’m safe for now,” Merritt said.

According to Merritt, the bear was spotted again on Wednesday – and was caught on camera for a second time.

Police are reminding residents of precautionary measures to take if you see a black bear in your area:

  • Black bears react aggressively if they feel threatened, so you should never approach, surround, or corner a bear, especially if a cub is nearby.
  • Don't run from a black bear. Slowly back away and leave the area if one is close to you.
  • Avoid throwing your backpack or food at an approaching bear.
  • If you notice a bear on your lawn, make loud noises from a safe distance to scare it away.
  • Remove bird feeders and suet if you believe black bears are in the area.
  • Keep your pet food indoors.
  • Store your garbage cans and grills in a secure location.
  • Locks on garbage can lids and electric fencing will deter black bears.
  • Put your garbage cans out for pick-up the day-of and not days before.
  • Keep your gardens and lawn free of waste and other garbage.

To report a black bear sighting, please call 911 or North Carolina Wildlife at (919) 662-4381.