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Christmas lights surprise for family of NF Police Officer, who suddenly died

Posted at 10:24 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-17 23:34:21-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - On a chilly Monday night, Stacey Amos stood outside her home, little Brodie in her arms and Carson standing right next to her. Surrounding them, a community of family, friends, Norfolk firefighters and police officers.

"Three, two, one!"

Everyone counted down and in half a second, the Amos family home was completely lit up with Christmas lights.

"I am blown away. I mean... you can see how amazing that looks!" Stacey with a big smile on her face.

The lights got a priceless reaction out her young son, Carson, who was so excited he fell to the ground.

"I love them!" he exclaimed before running toward the lights.

It's an exquisite Christmas surprise for the Amos family, especially after 30-year-old Seth Amos, a Norfolk Police Officer died in October from lung failure. Seth always did the Christmas lights since they go all out for the season. Stacey explained their anniversary is Dec. 13 and they take Christmas very seriously. But this year, she just couldn't bear to do the decorations.

She didn't have to. Norfolk firefighters and the community took action to help.

"It's just so overwhelming because sometimes it's difficult to find those moments of joy and to hold on to them in a time where a lot of grief is still happening. Being able to have moments like this and nights like this it brings so much light into our lives and into this season for us," said Stacey. She added it's not just the Christmas lights overwhelming her. It's the amount of support from the whole community, whether it's her children's pediatrician, their school, the Norfolk Police Department and strangers who she's never met.

Troy Taylor and Brent Cole, both Norfolk Firefighters also run Coastal Christmas Decor. They heard the Amos Family's story and got to work designing the light display with more than 5,000 lights.

"To be able to help out a brother in blue, we're firemen and they're police officers. we have a camaraderie. We're family. All of us," said Taylor.

Monday afternoon, a crew of six volunteered their time and set up all the lights.

"This is a beautiful theme we like to do. Outlining the whole roof and popping in some color with the shrubs," said Taylor.

Stacey called it her little gingerbread house and said this is exactly what Seth would have wanted.

"He's seeing this too and though he's not here with us, he's in our hearts and thoughts. Keeping that in mind helps me go on and seeing my kids be so happy with this, it just keeps me pressing on."