Neighbors calling for traffic light after serious crash leaves young driver in the hospital

Posted at 10:06 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 21:19:19-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - After a teenager was hurt in a serious car crash in Virginia Beach, neighbors are calling on the city to take action and install a traffic light.

The crash happened Wednesday night around 5 p.m. on North Great Neck Road and River Road. Family friends told News 3 the teen is in serious condition and is in the hospital.

(Photo: Bethanie Glaus Russo)

Now, neighbors are pushing for a traffic light to prevent more serious crashes from happening.

"The intersection is very dangerous. I constantly hear the screeching sound of brakes and then brace myself for the sound of cars hitting," said Laura, who asked News 3 not to share her last name.

Laura and her family have lived near the intersection for eight years. She said she never thought she'd be asking the city to put a traffic light in her neighborhood, but believes it'll make the roads safer. She is a family friend of the teen who was hit and hospitalized.

North Great Neck Road has two lanes of traffic each direction, which neighbors say make it hard to either make a left turn or cross to the other side.

"Unfortunately, just a few months ago I heard just the sound of cars hitting without the sound of brakes. Went running out there. I'm often the first one on scene," said Laura.

David Hanh, who has lived in the neighborhood for nearly 20 years, said, "Great Neck Road is a major thoroughfare. People do not obey the speed limit. It's a 55 mph north-south connector. I feel like there's got to be some changes."

According to the City of Virginia Beach, the results of a study was released two years ago said a traffic light wasn't warranted and not recommended. The results said a traffic signal wouldn't reduce the number of crashes. The neighbors said they feel differently.

"The number of crashes they reported didn't match up with what the neighborhoods felt were real, big crashes. We've had deaths; we had one June 3 of this year, a woman was killed leaving the neighborhood, there was a crash last night," said Hanh.

Laura added she doesn't feel the numbers are adding up as she personally runs out to most of the crashes right after they happen.

They are hoping the city will take another look, do another study and hopefully install a traffic light to prevent another tragic crash.

If you'd like to help the family of the teen who is in serious condition after the crash, click here.